Hand Made One Of A Kind Spirit Doll with Handmade Clothing

Spirit Dolls are dolls which act as vessels for beings of powerful spirits who can be petitioned for a wide-variety of purposes.  These spirits can be the spirits of the dead, familiar-spirits, Divine-beings, a spirit-of-divination, and even spiritual entities which have never had an earthly incarnation. These types of dolls are often found on altars where they are objects of devotion. They are often petitioned with offerings such as water, candy, cigarettes, coffee, etc....to invoke their power in the life of the individual. 

Spirit Dolls will communicate to you in various ways. They may enter your dreams, they may speak through your intuition, you may hear them with your physical ears, or they may place strong signs in your path, they may even speak to you through your divination tool.

Approximately 12 inches tall. 

Oya is the Ruler of the Wind, Ruler of Tornadoes and Lightning.

O-ya means “she tore” in Yoruba.  

An elemental Goddess – Air, Fire Water – She incorporates all of them into Her.  

Personification of the Niger River and has the power to shapeshift into a water buffalo and in some stories, other animals in the wilderness.

As a Female Warrior, she fights ferociously and is fearless in Her protection of her children and mates.  

Hunters and Chieftains seek Oya’s good graces for abundant hunting and in selecting strong leaders.  

Oya is also the Owner of the Marketplace.    

As Queen of the Dead, she safeguards the spirits of those who have passed and keeps the Ancestral connections, reminding future generations from where they came.  

The only Orisha that has a foot in Life and a foot in Death.

Oya governs the gates of cemeteries and it is there that She receives offerings from Her children who those seeking Her assistance. 

In all that She does, she is independent, unpredictable, fierce and beautiful.


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