The Pajaro Macua or Macaw Bird is attributed legendary powers amongst spiritual workers of diverse types and inclinations.  

From the folklore of the early Native American Indian to Christianity the Macaw Bird is believed to be wise, powerful and gentle. 

Legend has it that the Pajaro Macua makes its nest in the highest peaks attracting high energy and positive vibes says.

The perfume contain fibers from the bird nest and are designed to attract health, money and especially love.

This marvelous perfume, prepred with the Macaw bird's nest, has the power and magnetism to attract whomever uses it:

Love, money, health, union of boyfriend, girlfriend, luck, and prosperity in all business.

This mystical bird makes its nest in the high altitudes where it acquires all the power and the positive radiation.

Remember: if you want to forget your troubles, put the Macaw bird's nest to work.

2 oz bottle

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Love this stuff its so great .

thank to jennifer and help me get this perfume because i guess it sell out so fast .But i can really feel a different when I use it and the smell is out of this world .I use it on my different things I use in my santo works and its so great . thank you for getting more of this in .