Michael Archangel Warrior Guardian Of The Scales Of Justice He Is The Leader Of All The Angels In Heaven Please Guard My Soul Of All That Creates Toxicity In My Life I Am Ready To Pray For Protection (Perfume 1oz)

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The leader of all angels and of the army of God. Archangel Saint Michael as a knight-warrior, wearing battle armor, and wielding a sword or spear, while standing triumphantly on a serpent or other representation of Satan. Sometimes he is depicted holding the scales of justice or the Book of Life, both symbols of the last judgment. The patron saint of all the sick and people in danger. He will wield the sword of justice to separate the righteous from the evil. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend me in battle. Be my protection against the wickedness of the world. Please guard over my soul, my body, and my family. Deliver me from the snares of evil demons, mean people, jealous people, and all other negative attitudes. Melt away stress, freshen up your aura and manifest your goals into reality. Dab some on your wrists behind the ear even by the ankle or collar bone. Establish the psychic link within yourself of spiritual awareness inner peace and positive transformation. You must pray daily and meditate on your desired result.