Ritual Powder in small paper cup size of a "ketchup cup"

Cascarilla, pronounced: kas-kah-ree-ya, is powdered egg shell symbolizing purity and new life.

The shells are so finely ground that it feels as soft as baby powder.

Cascarilla repels negative energy and the vibration of negative energy.

Cleansing of the body or the home. 

Dissolve into water to create a purification bath or a floor cleanser. 

As a piece of chalk to draw sigils & circles of protection for Magickal rituals.

If you are going to meditate, astral project or perform visualizations, dab some Cascarilla on back of neck, forehead, temples, hands, chest, bottoms of feet.

Cascarilla also keeps away spirits, ghosts, demons, etc

If you feel like your home may be haunted, this would be a good repellent after a thorough house cleansing. 

For house protection use as a piece of chalk. 

Going around the house clockwise, etch the sign of the cross on either side of the door, above the door and on the threshold. 

When doing the windows, do above, below, and both sides of the window. 

Do this with all doors and all windows of the home

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