Saint Martha the Dominator is a dark and beautiful Black woman who is powerfully grasping a serpent in each hand.

In Santeria and 21 Rayos she is known as Santa Marta la Dominadora and Lubana.

This spirit is associated with metals such as steel, iron, and lead.

She will help you have a strong power over any other person, persons, or situation.

Call on her for help with divorce, separation, marriage, out of control children, happy homes, straying lovers and spouses, domestic problems, and financial assistance!

A powerful ally for women entrepreneurs and those in competitive businesses or professions and can give women great assistance in those matters.

She will defend you and will be there for you!

St. Martha has taken on the magical reputation of "dominator".

With the ability to dominate and control people and situations in practitioner's lives just as she dominates and controls the dragon under her feet.

According to folklore, St. Martha is pretty much the only female dragon-slayer.

After the events in the Gospels, St. Martha is said to have moved to what is now Southern France where she helped a community by defeating a man-eating dragon by sprinkling holy water on it and using the cross.

The dragon was paralyzed and St. Martha tied it up with her mere girdle before it was slain.

This legend that has made St. Martha popular for the domination and control of problems, situations, and people in the lives of practitioners.

To dominate or control one's boss, especially if they don't treat their employees right.

For break-up spells, especially if an unholy union is involved.

Tie-up and defeat one's enemies, just as she tied-up and defeated the dragon.

For money problems but she won't make one rich. She will only provide what one needs to get buy. 

St. Martha's colors are green and white.

St. Martha's day of the week is Tuesday.

One of many prayers for her:

Holy Virgin Martha, for the oil which you will consume today, for the oil which nourishes this lamp, for the wick which burns away all impurities, I dedicate this lamp so that you may relieve me of my miseries and help me to overcome all difficulties. As you dominated the beast at your feet, give me health and work so that I may provide for my needs.

Holy Virgin Martha, who entered the mountain and tied up the beast with your ribbons, I beg you to tie up and dominate (person's name) Let him not sit in a chair nor lie in a bed until he is at my feet. Holy Virgin Martha, hear me, help me for the love of God.

My Mother, grant me that (person's name) may not live in peace until he comes to stand at my feet. This way, for the love of God, please grant my petition and eliminate my miseries. Amen.

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