Our 100 Pack Incense Sticks posses a delicious fragrance great for filling the home with a pleasant aroma or including them in your spells and rituals.

In ritual, burn this incense upon your altar to help enhance and boost intellect and wisdom, or to aid in blessings involving love, money, travel, communication, luck, peace and healing.

Wealthy medieval Europeans used raspberry for food and as a pigment as well.

In early Christian artwork, raspberries were used to symbolize kindness. 

Raspberry's red juice invoked the energy of the blood, which runs from the heart and carries love, nutrition, and kindness through the body.

By the Middle Ages raspberries were not simply consumed because they tasted good but were also used for other matters ranging from a dye to being made into a tonic for women’s ailments.

Germans felt that raspberry cane could remove bewitchment from horses.

Magically speaking raspberries appear in numerous spells, rituals and charms for love, protection, conserving rations, fertility, growth and adaptability.

The flowers make a lovely spring feast for the eye, but take care with the thorns.

Nature often protects her greatest treasures in such ways.

On the surface everything seems fine, but below another truth.

This gives the raspberry spirit the additional use as a component in glamour spells.

Directions for use:

• Place an Incense Stick in a proper Incense Burner that is heat resistant.
• Light the tip of the Incense Stick, allow the flame to catch, then gently blow the flame out.
• Never leave burning Incense Sticks unattended.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Burn Incense Sticks with care and then sit back, relax and enjoy.


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