Be able to turn the other way around to get in a better life situation.

Reverse the effects to restore peace.

Send back the curse, hex, or spell that someone put on you.

Return the negative energy back to the negative person that sent it.

Remove the energetic debris to clean up yourself spiritually. 

Break away from the negative forces that have consumed your life.

Make room for an uplifting positive energy to take hold.

16 Ounce Bottle

External Use Only. 

Do not put on your skin.

Do not drink. 

Keep Away From Children.

Add contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors.

In performing a ritual floor washing for the general spiritual cleansing and purification of a home or place of business, to take off harmful witchcraft spells and to clear away spiritual messes, the major direction is to start at the back of the premises and end by washing outward at the front doorstep.

That crucial area is usually given and extra-thorough scrubbing and it may also be swept while wet and sprinkled with salt, especially if the intent is to keep away evil visitors. 

In performing a ritual floor washing to increase luck, attract customers, bring in a lover or friend, or help prepare the way for good influences to enter, it is common to to wake up early and before one ever speaks a word to anyone, to scrub the front doorstep inward, to draw in what is wanted. 




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