Death unto My Enemies is the Most Powerful Black Magick Candle.

Get even with your enemies, can be used offensively or defensively, for getting revenge on an enemy, place a curse upon your enemy.

Debilitate a target or their workings or to harm those who have harmed you or your loved ones. 

Very strong control, compel & reversal workings in which an enemy receives what they have sent out. 

Even the score with those who do you harm by using D.U.M.E. candle.

Opens the doors to hell - problems, bad luck, sickness, poverty, failure & enemies.

Write the names of the individuals on the back of the candle whom you wish to cause distress in their life.

This candle comes in a clear glass jar 8”x3” with a single wick.

Meditate and establish a psychic link between the candle and yourself.

Be specific in what you ask for.

Candles are burned to seek love, health, fortune, protection, and to lend their energy while casting spells or during rituals.

We offer a wide range of colors, magickal, spiritual & scented candles for any occasion.

Create a wonderfully warm & illuminating source of light for the home & sacred space.

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