8x10" Big Size Prayer Card for your home, office, alter, prayer shrine, gym locker, etc. 

Laminated Prayer cards have a religious image with prayer in English & Spanish.

These big size prayer cards are laminated.

Saint Lazarus promotes complete healing of body, mind, emotions & spirit.  

Pray to San Lazaro to request healing for a specific illness for yourself or others. 

Invoke St. Lazarus for the sick, infirmities of the legs, for problems with drug addictions & to maintain health.

Saint Lazarus, who oversees all diseases, epidemics, and healing.

Saint Lazarus is the Patron saint of lepers, the sick, and those with AIDS. Depicted as a thin man on crutches, clothed with rags, with leprous sores on his body. He is accompanied by dogs, who lick his wounds in an attempt to heal him.

It is obvious why a figure as wretched as Lazarus should be petitioned for relief from chronic illness, mobilizing pain, and skin diseases -- but it is also a fact that Lazarus is a favorite saint whose help is sought by those who are poor and in need of money, especially those who hope to receive charitable gifts, government grants, and other forms of philanthropic assistance.

As the spirit of the Earth this Orisha exercises the authority on all things earthly, including the body, wealth and physical possession.

In today's society many of his followers pray to him for health and solution to diseases.

The colors associated with Babalu Aye are brown, black and purple.

An educator in humility, responsibility, has compassion for those who are faithful to him but with scold those that are not humble to the needs of others with fatal or unexpected sickness.

His ritual tools include a broom for purifications, a covered terra-cotta vessel and abundant cowry shells.

Usually considered hobbled by disease, he universally takes grains as offerings. 

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