Singing Bowls - A Practical Handbook Of Instruction And Use 

by Eva Rudy Jansen

  • 91 pages soft-cover book

There is nothing in the world that does not speak to us. Everything and everybody reveals their own nature, character and secrets continuously, The more we open our inner senses, the more we can understand the voice of everything. 

What is a singing bowl? It is one of the ritual objects of Tibet. It has theraputic value as well. This book imparts information on the use of sound in meditation, healing and prayer and secrets of the singing bowls by Tibetal monks. 

This book explains the Himalayan bowls, also knows as Tibetal or Nepalese singing bowls, and the special sounds they make, called sound massage. The author discusses the meeting between East and West, singing bowls, sacrificial dishes, how the bowls work, synchronization and inner massage, shamanism and brainwaves, and practical instruction for working with these sounds.

It does provide practical information about using them as well as showing you how to go about finding the bowl that is right for you. The mysteries explained here are a wonderful overview if you want to open your heart and mind to the therapeutic value of this phenomena.



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