Perfect for any situation where you feel as though you are being threatened.Œ

Serves as a great tool to defend against unwanted negative energy.

Guard against jinxes, curses & the evil eye.

Be safe from psychic or magical attacks.

Protect yourself and your family from evil, danger and envy.Œ

Protect yourself, family, home and business from any person trying to harm or place an evil spell.

Undo envious enemies to strike fear into them.

Overcome evil & obstacles caused by your enemies.

Stop gossip that is being spread about you or your family. 

Punish those enemies who used harmful magick against you. 

Protect yourself from enemies by keeping them far away from you.

Can be used as you would use regular perfume, dab some on your wrists, behind the ear, even by the ankle or collar bone.

As an addition to your spiritual bath, add a few drops or half a bottle to the bath water.

In a mojo bag to anoint the contents.

Combine two or three Bottles of Spiritual Perfume to make your ritual and spells even stronger. 



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