Yemaya Orisha Goddess Life Giving Mother Healing Ocean Waves (Ultra Fragrance Oil 1oz)

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Yemaya, the great mother who lives and rules over the seas. Water is essential to life, so without Yemaya, life on earth would not be possible. Although she is maternal and nurturing she is also fierce. Yemaya is clever and brave, when she goes to war on behalf of her children, she wields a machete with expertise and no one can defeat her. Saturday is her day of the week and colors are blue and white.Traditionally she wears a long flowing dress, cinched by a wide belt, with a full skirt made of blue and white ruffles, which represent the waves in the ocean. As a mother, she is wise and virtuous, but she likes to have a good time and enjoys dancing. When she dances, begins slowly and gracefully but as she swirls and moves her skirts to reflect the rhythm of the waves, she builds of speed and intensity, showing immense power. Motherhood, the ocean, fishermen, family issues, pregnancy, women’s issues, children, and healing especially female plumbing issues. Orishas are the human form of spirits that guide us on how to live and succeed on earth. They rule over the forces of nature and the endeavors of humanity.  Each orisha can be recognized via their different numbers and colors which are their marks. Pray to the orishas for guidance on how to successfully live daily with proper alignment and knowledge of one's head, soul, and personal destiny. Melt away stress, freshen up your aura and manifest your goals into reality. Dab some on your wrists behind the ear even by the ankle or collar bone. Establish the psychic link within yourself of spiritual awareness inner peace and positive transformation. You must pray daily and meditate on your desired result.