6" Yellow Taper Candle For Spiritual Color Healing Yellow For Acquiring Knowledge Creating Mental Agility (6" Taper Candle)

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6" Yellow Taper Candle For Spiritual Color Healing Yellow For Acquiring Knowledge Creating Mental Agility (6" Taper Candle)

Our mini taper candles (also known as chime candles) have a compact 6" x 1/2" size. They are great for both ritual and decorative use. 

Colors evoke feelings and emotions, some of us are drawn to certain colors and yet find other colors very unappealing. Color effects our mood and has more influence on our lives than we may think. You have the power to create whatsoever you will pertaining to human life. You have the power to determine what you shall create and when and where you wish to create it. Also, means that you have the power to create what you want, now.

As soon as you start to feel stressed, please talk to yourself with clear, gentle, and encouraging words that will help you intercede in the stress cycle and bring yourself back to calm. Remove the energetic debris to clean up yourself spiritually. Break away from the negative forces that have consumed your life. Make room for an uplifting positive energy to take hold.

Yellow is associated with the element of Air and the powers of the mind.  Burn a yellow candle for success in school or the arts, or to enhance communication in a relationship. Yellow also increases focus and intuition. Yellow is a great choice for business spells, especially when you need fresh ideas and inspiration.

Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy. A “sun color,” it makes you feel happy and optimistic. The color yellow relates to acquired knowledge. It is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. In the meaning of colors, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.

Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, the color of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things. It is the practical thinker, not the dreamer. Increase personal power, strength, sense of self worth, transformation, courage and laughter.

Mental Agility Prayer: “I am unique in my talents and abilities by loving and accepting myself for who I am. By being confident in my actions I will achieve more accomplishments. Using positive thoughts and actions to create greater confidence and self esteem within myself. Intelligence fills my mind, lighting a path of joy, compassion and understanding. Amen.”