Calming Natural Blend To Relieve Stress Go Away Tension Inner Harmony Relax (Single Spoonful Of Herbs To 8oz Water For A Single Serving Boil Herbs In Water To Brew Into A Beverage Drink Hot Or Iced)

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Natural blend of three herbs and botanical extracts carefully selected from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. 

This unique herbal infusion has traditionally been used throughout Latin America to relieve occasional stress and tension. 

Its soothing effect also makes this delicious infusion a perfect choice anytime you need to relax.

To make a hot or cold tea drink: 

Boil 4 cups of water.

One spoonful of herbs per one cup of water.

Put one spoonful of herbs into tea cup.

Or use a tea strainer

Pour hot water into tea cup.

Allow herbs to brew for 2-5 minutes.

Drink warm or add ice for a cool drink.

Herbs have been used from the beginning of time for self healing and spiritual connection .

Herbs put the body in tune with nature.

This includes treating many kinds of stress and depression-related conditions and psychosomatic disorders.

Which results more from our artificial lifestyle.

Nuestro Salud Brand for over 10 years have maintained an unwavering commitment to offer the purest product line available from natural and medicinal herbs. 

True health as well as true beauty can only be achieved through proper nutrition and care.  

40 gram ziplock bag.