Go Away Evil To Remove Evil Spirits Or People That Could Be Disturbing Your Mental And Physical Well Being Surround You With Positive Energy To Start Changing Your Life (12.5 oz Aerosol Air Freshener)

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Remove the evil spirits or people that could be disturbing your mental and physical well being and surround you with positive energy to start changing your life. Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others. Neutralize the negative thought forms created by envious people and the ill wishing of others. Envision a while light of protection around you and your family. Protect your spirit from contamination. Limit your time with toxic people. 

Aerosol room sprays are a perfect way to freshen the scent of any room as well as increase its mystical powers. Spray a little or a lot to entice money, love and good luck as well as push away your enemies, evil and negativity.  Spray some in your room before a prayer session, or at a time of meditation or reflection.

Aerosol room spray of herbal and floral scents, have acquired special symbolical or occult significance and have thus earned a place in spiritual practices and spell-craft, according to the nature of the floral and herbal essences that comprise their aroma. 

Spray around your home, office, or on the altar as offerings, used to feed mojo bags, sprayed around the premises as needed, or during spiritual rituals.

12.5 oz 

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    Posted by David Patterson on 12th Jul 2018

    Go Away Evil condition room spray makes the bad vibes in the room to go away.