Lucky Black Cat For Fast Luck Peaceful Home Lucky 13 Money Drawing (7 Day Prayer Candle)

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Lucky Black Cat For Fast Luck Peaceful Home Lucky 13 Money Drawing (7 Day Prayer Candle)

Black cat is a symbol of a good marriage and future. The origin of this tradition is unknown, but it seems the black-colored cat was seen as capturing negativity and ill fortune in a household. Black Cats are just as wonderful as every other feline. They are sentient beings with personality and a huge capacity for love. It’s utter nonsense to believe that Black Cats are bad omens. All animal spirit guides can appear to warn us of danger, but that does not make the animal themselves ‘bad omens’. It’s the whole ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ thing, ya’ know?

Sailors and fishermen both treasured black Cats as lucky pets. In the home, the Cat’s energy was said to protect the fisher at sea. On the ship, cats caught disease-bearing rats who could also destroy cargo. the appearance of the Black Cat Spirit suggests you focus more on your personal power and how you use it. Black Cats know magic, and this Spirit Animal is more than happy to assist your studies in that realm.

Wishes & Dreams Prayer: Today I find good fortune everywhere I go. All goals and dreams are within my reach. With clear and powerful intentions I transform my mind with the power of visualization. Each and every day provides me with the perfect mix of sun and rain to grow my dreams into reality. Everything feels so right, and I trust I am on the right path. Let my life unfold beautifully before me as I navigate my path with grace and ease. To become a successful person I will maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around me. May I always be aligned with the energy of abundance. Amen.”

Jinx Removing Prayer: ”I break and destroy my enemies evil powers and their works; including the influences of witchcraft, spells, hexes, vexes, voodoo, hoodoo, roots, potions, or any such things off me, my life, my family, my home, my possessions and all future generations. Through the divine holy spirit I also rebuke, bind up and destroy all the spirit-guides, helps, and shields of these workers of evil, and leave them without any strength, stripped of their evil powers and influence. I bind and terminate the influence and power of all spirits from the netherworld, evil spirits between, over and around those praying and those prayed for, and all evil and familiar spirits are completely bound, and forbidden to manifest. Amen.

It is time to end spells, hexes, curses, crossed conditions and jinxes. Whether you have been affected by the evil eye, the target of malicious intentions or have simply been affected by bad energy it is time to neutralize the energy. Create a protective shield between you and those who wish you harm.

Return the negative energy back to the negative person that sent it. Send back the curse, hex, or spell that someone put on you. Become able to turn the other way to get in a better life situation. Reverse the negative effects to restore peace. 

Remove the energetic debris to clean up yourself spiritually. Break away from the negative forces that have consumed your life. Make room for an uplifting positive energy to take hold.

A prayer is said before the candle as it burns. When the candle is first lit this prayer is to ask for what you desire or what help is needed in your life. Lighting a prayer candle as a way to leave the old behind and begin a new life just as if you were born again, the sense being akin to the resurrection and it leaves your sins behind you, giving a new aspect and a new look into your life, without being burdened by your old sins and you old mistakes. 

Prayer is the master key. Prayer is the key to all earthy problems. Praying is more than just mere words, it myst come from deep within you, from you very soul. The exercise of prayer requires tranquility and peace of mind. The essence of prayer is faith, it is your motive power that comes from within you and its movement must be directed upwards to where all earthy favors come from.

Anyone can make their prayers come true. This is as sure as the rise of tomorrow’s sun. If you knew how you would feel if your prayer were answered, and if you could realize, consciously, just how you could awaken such a feeling in yourself, you will travel a long way toward learning how to make your dreams come true. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You must imagine what you desire and believe it to be true. True prayer can come only from within yourself.           

Instructions: Light the candle with a match or lighter and say a prayer of your choice. You can put the candle out at anytime or let it burn to the end. Each time you relight the candle say a prayer to reenergize your goals. You can write your name on the glass of the candle to personalize the prayer. Use a black marker and write your name or another persons name on the candle. After the candle has fully burned down you can throw away the glass. 

This candle is approximately 8” tall and weights 1 LB 4 OZ