Railroad Spike Iron Nail Clavo De Ogun (Oggun) For Protection Of Your Home And Spiritual Tool Of Ambition (6.5" long)

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Railroad Spike Iron Nail Clavo De Ogun (Oggun) For Protection Of Your Home And Spiritual Tool Of Ambition (6.5" long)

Railroad spikes are made of iron which is effective against negative energy. Ogun’s tools represents the activities of humans on earth and each tool has a specific job. Ogun's cauldron is symbolic of a womb, mine or abyss. Tools kept inside, like Iron railroad nails, are used by Ogun to fashion or shape whatever potential riches are inside the symbolic cauldron.

Each railroad spike is discarded from where they had been put to use holding down railroad tracks and ties. With years of labor and toil all around them, they possess a potent energy that can be used as a focus for those spells and rituals seeking to inspire ambition or aid in providing the endurance to see your task through. More traditionally, they can also be used as an "iron nail" or other such object spoken of as a component in many spells and rituals. 

But used Railroad spikes for protection, shielding, and warding is the best.   Why used?  Because they have been infused with the energy of the diesel or steam trains that run over them again and again.  Especially Steam Trains because they are alive, they breathe, they fire up to become active, they have a sort of song they sing with their whistles, an Engineer working with a steam locomotive can feel right through the metal plates how the engine is running, the Steam train "talks".

Genuine old-time rusty Railroad Spike, use four of them for nailing down the corner of your property or home for protection and to keep you from being moved out. If you own a house or are even renting a house you can “nail” the property down to keep any evil energies out, and if you own your house you can “nail” the property to avoid as much as possible foreclosure.

There is a legend about that among Christians that it was iron spikes or nails that were used to nail Jesus to the cross when he was crucified, and because it was used upon the Son of God and his blood washed over the iron that iron will always either contain or destroy evil. 

Iron can also be magnetized to create and open or shut closed a spiritual portal. That is why old time cemeteries have iron gates and fences or at least posts to create a barrier to keep spirits in, at least the negative ones.  But also to prevent anyone who practices necromancy from using the spirits of the departed unwillingly.  

Exact size and shape may vary.

Approximately 6.5" long and weighs 13 ounces.