Saint Jude The Apostle Patron Saint Of Hope In Difficult Times And Healing Illness Charm Necklace

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Saint Jude The Apostle Patron Saint Of Hope In Difficult Times And Healing Illness Charm Necklace

Saint Jude Prayer: “Glorious apostle Saint Jude, you are in Heaven contemplating divine peace, absorbed in a thousand delights that constitute your eternal happiness. You returned the graces of Jesus with constant loyalty, and you loved him with all your heart. Your devotion made you fly to instill in the hearts of the people, the productive seed of truth to protect the despaired. Give me the grace to repent for my sins, to live with your friendship, to imitate your example, and to fulfill my spiritual duties. Amen.”

Saint Jude is depicted wearing green because green symbolizes hope and renewal. Just as in spring when foliage and flowers spring up with renewed life, we turn to St. Jude, our Patron of Hope, in difficult or seemingly hopeless times. During the Great Depression and World War II, thousands of men, women, and children attended novenas at the shrine of Saint Jude causing devotion to the “patron saint of hopeless causes” to spread throughout the country. 

Saints are spiritual beings who have been tasked with maintaining this Earth, watching over the affairs of humanity and each has dominion over a portion of nature. Each Saint is identified with natural forces as well as with human interests or endeavors. These Saints are mediators between humanity and the Supreme Being. 

Pray to Saints because they are already in heaven, and they can intercede for you. In moments of anxiety, you need to hope and believe in something that helps you recover faith and maintain peace in your life.

A charm an object that is believed to hold magical properties that attract good luck, ward off evil, protection, financial help, and health. Think of it as a prescription that should be undertaken by those who have a need for it to heal their lives. It is a good idea to wear it to clear the mind of negativity and connect to higher guidance.

Pendant is approximately 2 inches long. Necklace string is approximately 34 inches long. Pendant has images on both side, it is double sided. Handmade in Mexico.