Sunflower Girasol For Happiness Joy Loyalty Longevity And Passion (Spiritual Bath Liquid 8oz)

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Sunflower Girasol For Happiness Joy Loyalty Longevity And Passion (Spiritual Bath Liquid 8oz)

Sunflower Prayer: “For flowers that bloom about our feet. For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet. For song of bird, and hum of bee. For all things fair we hear or see. Sunflower in heaven, we thank thee. For blue of stream and blue of sky. For pleasant shade of branches high. For fragrant air and cooling breeze. For beauty of the blooming trees. Sunflower in heaven, we thank thee. Amen”

Sunflower has been considered a symbol of joy and life, but also a symbol of loyalty and longevity. This flower radiates passion and positive energy, and turns its flowers and petals to the sun every day.

The Sunflower is a symbol of long life because there are several varieties of this flower that can endure some of the warmest days of summer by standing tall. This flower can also be considered as a symbol of endurance and strength to persevere through hardest moments.

The Sunflower is a symbol of loyalty towards your friends, family or partner, by giving this flower to someone you are saying that you are a loyal person and that they can ask for your help any time.

Sunflowers are symbols of good luck especially in Chinese culture. They are also symbols of long-lasting happiness and joy, which is why people love gifting and receiving them. Some people even bring Sunflowers into their homes to attract this positive energy and to make their days more positive and brighter.

Spiritual baths of herbal and floral scents, have acquired special symbolical or occult significance and have thus earned a place in spiritual practices and spell-craft, according to the nature of the floral and herbal essences that comprise their aroma.                   

Many people believe that a a spiritual shower will put an end to adverse conditions and open the way for luck, love, money, and happiness to enter their lives. It help you stay well and feel more alive, more clear-headed, and more emotionally stable and balanced. The healing powers of herbs, plants and roots to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit. Take a spiritual cleansing shower as a way to melt away stress, freshen up your aura, and manifest your goals into reality. Spiritual showering is a form of cleansing meant to be a reset button for your energy.

Prayer is the master key. Prayer is the key to all earthy problems. Praying is more than just mere words, it myst come from deep within you, from you very soul. The exercise of prayer requires tranquility and peace of mind. The essence of prayer is faith, it is your motive power that comes from within you and its movement must be directed upwards to where all earthy favors come from. 

Anyone can make their prayers come true. This is as sure as the rise of tomorrow’s sun. If you knew how you would feel if your prayer were answered, and if you could realize, consciously, just how you could awaken such a feeling in yourself, you will travel a long way toward learning how to make your dreams come true. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You must imagine what you desire and believe it to be true. True prayer can come only from within yourself. 

Instructions: As you wash your body in the shower with the spiritual bath, pray and clear your mind. Use the moment to connect to your inner source of personal power. Repeat daily or as needed until the bottle is finished.   

8oz bottle of colored and scented spiritual bath liquid with twist top lid.